30 -plus years in the Russian market

9 regions

About 100 sites

Over 500000



LTM | Fiber cement plate production plant in Obninsk of Kaluga Region

NOKIA | Reconstruction of Telephone Cable Factory in St. Petersburg. 4.500 m²

POLAROID | Reconstruction of office and warehouse facility in Moscow. 2.300 m²

FOCUS WOOD | Reconstruction and expansion of parquet production plant KARELIA in Maklino village of Kaluga Region. 16.000 m²

SFAT-RYAZAN | Railroad car wheel service building (1 stage) in Ryazan. 1.260 m²

NOVARTIS FARMA | Reconstruction of pharmaceutical warehouse in Moscow. 1.700 m²

POLARKAP | Disposable tableware factory in Moscow. 2.600 m²

SFAT-RYAZAN | Extension of shot-cleaning and cistern wagon painting shop for transportation of oil-product transportation in Ryazan. 1.200 m²

NPO TRUD, RUSSKY MEKH | Fur-production facility in Moscow. 5.000 m²

COCA-COLA | Aseptic beverage line in Moscow. 1.120 m3

HUHTAMAKI | Reconstruction of facility for production of disposable packages in Ivanteevka of Moscow Region. 6.800 m²

TLK TORZHOK LLC SHELL OIL | Reconstruction of drainage and rain water system in Torzhok of Tver Region

VOLGA-SFAT | Maintenance facility for sludge and railroad car repair in Volgorechensk of Kostroma Region. 900 m²

NPO ELEKTRONIKA | Pre-construction activities for plant building in Voronezh

ZAKAZCHIK | Logistics centre in Moscow. 14.030 m²

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PHILIPS | Office space in Moscow. 2000 m²


PHILIPS | Office building reconstruction in Moscow. 1000 m²

PHILIPS | Office building reconstruction and workshop service and repair in Moscow. 1,400 m²

AVAYA | Office space Riverside Towers reconstruction in Moscow. 1,200 m²

VNESHECONOMBANK | Office space in Moscow. 500 m²

LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES | Office space reconstruction in Moscow. 630 m²

BRITISH PETROLEUM | Facades reconstruction of the representative office in Moscow

SFAT |Office reconstruction in Moscow. Total area of 1,000 m²

ORIFLAME | Office reconstruction in Moscow

KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES | Reconstruction of the representative office in Moscow

HOTEL METROPOL | Suite with sweatbath in Moscow

SANDOZ | Office and warehouse premises reconstruction in Moscow

QUINTILES | Office and warehouse premises reconstruction in Moscow. 900 m²

THE EMBASSY OF THE NETHERLANDS IN RUSSIA | Expansion of the premises in Moscow

SOVINCENTR, WORLD TRADE CENTRE MOSCOW | Repairs for Congress Centre on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow

HOTEL ВНУКОВО | Renovations of the public areas and hotel rooms in Moscow County Region. 1,500 m²

SECRETAN TROYANOV AND PARTNERS | Office reconstruction in Moscow

INTERPROMTORG | Bank and office building in Moscow, 2 000 m²

FROZEN FISH TRADING | Office building reconstruction in Moscow, 1 500 m²

FRUNZENSKY KOMMERCHESKY BANK | Reconstruction of the banking and office premises in Moscow, 2.000 m²

EVROMIN A.B | Reconstruction of office premises in Moscow, Total office area of 500 m²

EVROMIN A.B | Reconstruction of office premises in Almaty. Total office area 400 m²

MANÈGE SQUARE | Office premises in Moscow

MOSCOW CITY CURRENCY DIRECTORATE | Reconstruction of office premises in Moscow, 3 000 m²

JET-TRANSIT | Office reconstruction in Moscow

ELKAT Ltd. | Reconstruction of representative office premises and sauna in Moscow

BRIDGESTONE | Reconstruction of a tire shop and a workshop for technical service in Moscow. 700 m²

STOCKMANN | Fashion stores VERO MODA and JACK & JONES in Moscow. 600 m²

СОЛИНГ | Beauty salon in Moscow. 300 m²

CENTRA FAIRFIELDS | Fast-food restaurant CARROLS in the shopping center “Manezhnaya Square” in Moscow

REEBOK RUSSIA | Reconstruction of exhibition and retail spaces in Moscow

SP PORT | Stores in the shopping center “Manezhnaya Square” in Moscow

DIAL | The building of the shopping and technical centers in Moscow. 3,100 m²

SFAT | Full reconstruction of passenger cabins, salons, restaurants, bars and sweatbaths of the passenger ship «Александр Пирогов» (Alexander Pirogov)