OST-WEST HANDELSBANK AG | Office rebuilding and restoration.

In 1995 Mocbastas carried out a full program of restoration work for Ost-West Handelsbank AG at their Moscow premises – the ‘Ustinov Building’ period office premises of the early 19th century at 27 Povarskaya St – a location visited by the poet Pushkin, where he had recited his works. In memory of this, Mocbastas commissioned a sculptor to create a bust sculpture of the legendary poet, and installed it in the main conference room at the building.

The overall floorspace of the building is around 2,000 square metres. The technical conditions at the building were difficult. Once a contract with the MOSPROEKT-2 agency was completed, the building’s foundations had to be strengthened, supporting structures for the foundations installed, and program of interior and exterior decoration finished. Works were required on the internal engineering systems, in addition to on-site engineering networks and landscaping.

Infrastructure engineering at the building was carried out at a high level, allowing the building to maintain its own functions with little or no direct intervention.

The building’s lost mezzanine floor was reinstalled, along with an attic floor inside the sloping roof.

Particular attention was given to the restoration of the building’s facades and interiors.

Work completed on the reconstruction of this Historical Architectural Monument was singled-out for praise in the report of a competition for Best Restoration Project in Moscow for 1995. OST-WEST HANDELSBANK was awarded a Winner’s Diploma as an investor and Mocbastas as the General Contractor.

Use of the building has proven the high standard of works carried out, and the reliability of the functioning systems in the building.