PAULIG | Coffee-roasting and packaging factory in Tver

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Founded in 1876, Paulig is a Finland-based food and drink manufacturer with a leading focus on coffee products. Led by the design and contracting services of Mocbastas, the company’s newly-constructed roasting and packaging factory in Tver features a minimalistic style and design without compromising functionality and its advanced features.

Construction period: September 2010 – September 2011



7,5 ha

overall site area


overall construction area

1,28 МW

electric output capacity power

1,5 МW

gas output capacity power


  • Development of project documentation is executed to meet and adapt to the requirements of Russian standards in that it is partially developed in Russia (project designers) and partially developed in Finland (technological solutions)
  • Development of working documentation
  • General construction works
  • Installing the internal engineering systems
  • Finishing works
  • Engineering support (off-site and on-site networks)
  • Landscaping
  • Executive documentation
  • Warranty
  • Obtaining initial permits
  • Obtaining specifications
  • Carrying out an engineering survey
  • Obtaining approvals
  • Receiving a positive recommendation in the Expertise Report
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Carrying out construction control
  • Obtaining a report confirming compliance to the project documentation (AIA)
  • Obtaining permission to put the facility into commercial operation


As one of the most advanced Russian enterprises, the Paulig plant had a need to implement numerous quality control levels. Today, the technical and operational characteristics of the plant meet the most rigid requirements of both the Russian Federation and European Union related to manufacturing technology, labour safety, fire and environmental safety.


Minimalism and simplicity characterise the style, look and feel of the Paulig complex’s facilities, with a focus on functionality, elegance and convenience. External wall panels of the site’s production and warehouse building are created with a special chameleon-like coating, which changes colour depending on lighting and with a coffee theme. For example, bringing out the colour of black coffee and the colour of a coffee with milk.


Additional modernisation and expansion of the Paulig facility is an option.