SIBIRSKY BEREG | Crouton manufacturing plant in Pavlovsky Posad of Moscow Region

Sibirsky Bereg (‘Siberian Shore’) is a food company that produces goods under the brand names of ‘Kirieshki’ «Кириешки», ‘Kompashki’ «Компашки» and ‘Beerka’ «Beerka». The factory producing these snacks is located in Pavlovsky Posad, within the Moscow County Region and is equipped to produce croutons, with two workshops for the drying of croutons, and for packaging the completed products.

Statistics for the project:

  • Overall area of site – 5 hectares
  • Overall floor area of the building – 11,200 square metres
  • Overall output capacity – 100 tonnes per day

In 2005 and 2006, Mocbastas carried out construction and installation work at the Sibirsky Bereg facility to upgrade the production building.

The work was carried out with the highest standard of quality and over a reduced time schedule, which was needed to put the plant into operation. Mocbastas demonstrated its ability to deploy modern construction and management methods and putting the client’s best interests at the forefront.