YANDEX | Office premises in the Avrora Business Center, Moscow

Yandex LLC is the Russian IT-firm which owns the Yandex search engine, along with internet portals and numerous service operations in different countries. The Yandex story begins long before the formal founding of the company itself – back in the early 1990s.

‘Yandex’ appeared in 2000, three years after the launch of the portal. Today, YANDEX has offices and branches in nine countries, with around 8000 staff overall.

In 2017 YANDEX leased an additional 10,300 square metres of office space in the Avrora Business Centre, on Sadovnicheskaya Embankment, in downtown Moscow – to which they moved their ‘Vertikal’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Music’, and some other operations.

Mocbastas carried out a spectrum of work for YANDEX at their office premises, on the second floor, and ninth-floor terraces of the Avrora Business Center in Moscow, in 2018.

The list of work included general construction, finishing works, electrical work, ventilation and air-condition work, plumbing work, as well as the provision of materials, equipment, and furniture.

The work was done on an urgent schedule but to the topmost standards – using the latest building technologies and working methods.