SFAT | Washing and steam-cleaning station for tanker cars in Ryazan

The SFAT corporation – today part of the OTEKO Group, the United Freight Forwarding Corporation – began in 1990 to set up a production base in Ryazan, Russia to service its fleet of rail tanker wagons for transporting petrochemical products. This was one of the first private assembly and maintenance centres in Russian transport market, providing production, repair and maintenance of rolling stock in accordance with high industry standards..

The facilities at the SFAT site in Ryazan consists of a washing and stream-cleaning station; a workshop which cleans and paints tanker wagons; a workshop which assembles tanker wagons; and a workshop for wagon wheel repairs.

During 1996 and 1997, Mocbastas carried out a spectrum of design and construction works on the cleaning and steam-cleaning station at the facility, including: developing the design and working documentation; all of the building construction and finishing works; installation of the internal engineering systems and equipment fitting-out engineering support work (on-site and off-site systems) and landscaping.

Statistics for the project:

  • Overall area of the building – 1,600 m2
  • High standards of environmental safety were taken into account during design and construction of the facility
  • The production process includes robotic machines for interior and exterior cleaning