LUKOIL ENERGOGAZ | Office reconstruction in Moscow

LLC LUKOIL Energogaz is a subsidiary of PAO LUKOIL Petroleum Corporation. LUKOIL Energogaz supplies organisations in the LUKOIL Group with materials, technical resources, and electricity, supplies fuel stations under construction with technical equipment, produces engineering products serving fuel and energy corporations and Housing & Utilities organisations; and sells gas to energy coporations.

The company office building of LUKOIL Energogaz is located in Moscow on Burdenko Street, and comprised at a total of around 4000 square metres.

Mocbastas undertook, in 2003, a complete spectrum of reconstruction work at the office building, including: production of the design documentation; development of the Working documentation; the full range of construction work; installation and commissioning of engineering systems; provision of on-site facilities; asphalting, and landscaping.

All of these works were executed to the highest possible standards, in accordance with the client’s demanding standards and the agreements signed for the works.