EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CONGREGATION CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY | Restoration of an architectural monument in Moscow

Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Church of the Holy Trinity in Moscow was in a perilous condition in 1999. Mocbastas carried out a complete spectrum of restoration to restore the Memorial Cemetery Church back to its former beaty. Church being a state-registered monument of architecture, very high quality of work was required.

Mocbastas carried out the entire spectrum of renovation, repair and finishing works, including: general construction works, complex plastering and painting work,restoration of the relief-work details, the wooden grille of the choir and the altar balcony, the pulpit, benches, and staircases, and similarly works involving the installation of internal engineering systems, including the heating, electricity, lighting in the main hall of the church and in the basements used for auxiliary purposes and services of the church.

A blessing service was held to inaugurate the newly-restored church, conducted by the Bishop of Helsinki and Professor Emeritus of the University of Helsinki, the Reverend Eero Huovinen. The building was awarded a Laureate Diploma in a competition for the best restoration project of a historic building in Moscow for 1999.